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My business needs a commercial septic system – where do I start?!

If your property cannot connect to the sewer network, then you will need to install a system that will treat and dispose of all your wastewater…

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Using more cleaning products recently? Support your septic system during COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every part of our lives in a very short space of time. The impact of this disease even extends to the septic…

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Why Desludging Your Wastewater System Is So Important

Installing an on-site system for wastewater treatment has a huge number of benefits for rural homes – they are a low-cost, minimal-odour solution to the problem…

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Primary or Secondary Waste Treatment Systems: Which is Right for You?

The variety of wastewater treatment systems at your fingertips may feel slightly daunting. Not only are there different types of septic systems, but there are many…

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Growing a Garden around your Septic Tank System – Tips and Tricks

Despite a lot of misconceptions, installing a septic treatment system on your property does not mean that you can’t grow anything over it. In fact, it’s…

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Caring for Your Septic System: The Do’s and Don’ts

Septic tank maintenance is a crucial part of prolonging the life of your system. Making sure it’s cared for properly will save you a lot of…

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