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Did you know, that SSA originally started as a servicing and maintenance company? 

Yes, that’s right. Before we expanded into other offerings, we serviced and repaired septics systems. That was our bread and butter. And it still is! We continue to be leading experts in the servicing, maintenance and repairs of all types of septic systems. 

All Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS), also known as treatment plants or treatment systems, must be serviced quarterly by an accredited service technician. This is a requirement of state and local government authorities.  

It is also in your best interest to maintain your asset. Just like it is for your car, regular servicing is critical to the proper functioning and longevity of your septic system and it helps to: 

  • protect your septic system; 
  • reduce the severity of system faults and the cost of repairs; and 
  • protect the health of you, your family and the local environment. 

Our team of service technicians is comprised of licenced plumbers and A-Grade electricians. All technicians receive ongoing weekly training at SSA’s headquarters as well as external training through accredited training providers for specific activities such as Confined Space repairs and training of treatment systems from various manufacturers.  

All of SSA’s service utes are GPS-tracked and stocked with all parts and components and specialised water-testing equipment. 

A comprehensive performance history of your system is conveniently recorded through our online database, which enables our service technicians to deliver an enhanced, tailored service and ensures you never lose past service reports again, should you need to provide them to your local council. 

Servicing Checklist

Ten key steps to servicing your septic system


Test Alarms, Control Panel and float switches 



Test Aeration Pump  



Test submersible pump



Clean filters and diffusers 



Test system performance for turbidity, pH and temperature  



Calibrate Aeration System based on system performance 



Clean and flush pump-well chamber 


Visual inspection of irrigation area for leaks or wet spots



Measure sludge and scum levels, if lids are exposed to ground level 



Complete service report, outlining the system performance and detailing any necessary actions or repairs  

Key benefits of SSA Servicing Team

Highly-trained, passionate experts in wastewater treatment
24/7 customer support and emergency repairs
Specialised water-testing equipment in all service vehicles
Thorough, informative service reports received in real-time

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