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SS Designs and Permits

Expert designs and smooth permit applications

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SSA can take all the hard work out of designing a septic system for your home. And the red tape you’ve been dreading? You can forget it. When you’re ready to install we’re ready to handle the septic permit applications and approvals with the health department of your local council.  

With more than 20 years’ experience, we know all the tricks on how to best position your tanks and effluent field on your property so that they are not the feature in your backyard!  

We’ll make sure everything is designed to code, achieves the mandatory setback distances to buildings, boundaries and waterways, while minimising our impact on the environment. 

Once you’re happy with the design and layout of the system, our experienced team will prepare the septic permit application, lodge all relevant documentation with council and liaise with the health department to obtain your Permit to Install (PTI). 

If your property is less than 2 acres, or has significant site constraints your local council may require a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) Report in support of a septic permit application. In these situations, we work closely with the best environmental engineers in the industry to calculate the exact size, and determine the best type and location, of the effluent field. 


Please note, if you have a really small property, or if there are ‘high-risk’ constraints onsite, you may not have a choice where the tanks or effluent field is located. For some properties, simply finding a feasible solution is the best, and only, possible outcome. 

Did you know?

Did you know that the size of your effluent field is based on many factors, including:


Soil type on your property



Type of effluent dispersal


Gradient of your land


The number of bedrooms in your home! The more bedrooms you have, the bigger your effluent field will be.  

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